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Research has shown us the power of plasticity is doable at any age. Exercises of language & memory help the mind slow down the inevitable challenges of aging, just as improved cardio helps our bodies’ vitality as we age. The KEY to growth comes from the ‘doing.’ It’s the ‘stick-to-it-ness’ that fails most folks. This approach is simple -- a language-based approach married with the new findings in neuroscience to help memory and behavior change. I took my cues from the “Fitbit” generation. Why is the “Quantifiable Self” (WSJ article) so successful? Because when one challenges oneself in the just right way, effectiveness of change happens. Setting rubrics and checking in frequently are key components.

Unlike apps that claim to improve your memory without longitudinal studies, Speech and Language Pathologists focus on tried and true methodologies tested and re-calibrated for over 50 years with stroke patients, memory loss patients from a variety of etiologies (aging, Alzheimer's, accident, Parkinson's, etc.) and they are proven to be truly, statistically valid and effective. Medicare, among other licensing powers require and track the efficacies of these approaches. This language-based systematic program utilizing the “Memory Power of Habit” approach with daily linguistic (both verbal and nonverbal <visualization, facial expressions, visual/spatial> recall to name a few) exercises utilizing tracking mechanisms is for the client who is truly interested in improving a variety of recall/memory & other Executive Functioning--organizational thinking skills), Social Cognition, Social Pragmatic Language and written expression skills.

The tools and methodologies are well proven in the field of behavior sciences and memory (Executive Function.) Tools/exercises with new iterations on old themes like mindfulness, exercises from the MEMORY BANK  (Walking with Einstein on the Moon: The Art & Science of Remembering Everything) & other modern day brain training techniques such as apps like Constant Therapy (Similar to Luminosity, CogMed, etc. yet proven results as developed by SLPs for Aphasia Rehab.)


Using comedy to keep memories vital and the brain vibrant are essential. Incorporating the power of optimism and positive self talk with a 'growth mindset" make all the difference in the pace of memory vitality. Tying all these tasks into daily memory challenges in real life scenarios is what makes the difference in success and longevity of skills learned,

So whether you've got moderate issues or just the beginnings of some concerning memory gaps in word finding or managing your schedule, please email for a complimentary meeting to discuss details.

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