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jennifer abbott bulka

Jennifer Abbott Bulka, founder of The Social Moment, is a California stated licensed therapist and specialist in social behavior change and executive function with an emphasis in working memory and organizational therapeutic coaching. Ms. Bulka is publishing "My Memory Pal" shortly to help clinicians and individuals with rigorous daily exercises to improve their working memory skills. will launch its YouTube channel in Q4 of 2019 with tutorials on how to improve your memory with a systematic approach for success.


Ms. Bulka has been fortunate to work both in clinical and corporate settings. She was in charge of Corporate Communications for the first women - founded Kleiner Perkins technology company in 1993. She spent 10 years in technology honing her skills as a corporate media trainer, training industry luminaries for camera and public speaking (conventions, IPO finance, television, digital and print media, & industry training conferences.) Ms. Bulka has worked with many engineers, (some of whom are founders & executives of today’s Silicon Valley 500 companies) on their media skills, team building skills, conflict-resolution,EQ, project management skills and general interpersonal development.


Ms. Bulka’s 20+ years experience in social cognitive therapy has been a great asset in understanding the social-emotional, behavioral and communication barriers (both nonverbal & figurative language, impulse control, lack of empathy, difficulty with social protocol & problem solving), including executive functioning challenges (time management, prioritization, etc.), that many engineering groups are challenged with. Reciprocally, her experience in technology has given her a wealth of knowledge about her clients’ communication/social/behavioral challenges especially in the work place, and what the antidotes are that best suits their learning styles in order to succeed.


Ms. Bulka is a Speech and Language Pathologist in the State of California, license #14,006, credentialed by the national American Speech, Language and Hearing Association and has completed a Master’s Degree from University of San Francisco. She is a dedicated student of Neuroscience and its intersection with social behavior. Ms. Bulka was a founding member of the San Francisco Save The Children chapter, was a volunteer for Unicef in Burma/Thailand, and sits on the Advisory Board for Parents Educational Network. She resides in the Bay Area with her family, is an avid USTA tennis competitor and wife to chef, Howie Bulka of "Howie's Artisan Pizza" in Palo Alto and Redwood City.


Address:  156 Elwood St., Redwood City, Ca 94062

Phone:      6 5 0 6 7 8 - 9 7 6 9

For more information email:


2 Offices: Please ask which office your appointment will be at.

Southbound 101 From Southbound 101 Get of at Whipple First stop light is WHIPPLE. Go through stop light to second stop light "BREWSTER" TURN RIGHT. Continue up Brewster a few blocks (you'll pass El Camino)--look for the intersection of Brewster/Broadway where Broadway/Brewster intersect TURN RIGHT and another IMMEDIATE (don't blink you'll miss it) RIGHT ON BIRCH.


Northbound 101 From Whipple If you are Northbound, exit Whipple, turn left (West.) Immediately get into left lane; you will be making a left turn at the next light: Veterans but it is not clearly marked. Go to the next stop light and TURN RIGHT ON BREWSTER. Go past El Camino where Broadway/Brewster intersect (about two blocks above El Camino) TURN LEFT to Elwood St. You will see a native yard in front of an old Craftsman style house. Please call when you arrive (I do not hear text.) Please do not go to the front door of the house. 


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