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Aptitude for solving problems is the primary skill for positive interpersonal dynamics, be it  personal or professional.  SBC is for positive communication results for social, marriage, parenting, working with colleagues in teams.

SBC is helpful in expanding your Executive Function in order to be a leader, be more organized and to optimize your role modeling.

Improve working memory to make new habits become your new norm, requires behavioral neuroscience magic in achieving your power of the habit.

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The Social Moment leaves lasting impressions but often it's hard to figure how to make the right impression.


In a social moment people will often make decisions about others such as "They're the right person for our team," "She/He/They are the right ___ for our IPO tour," or "They/He/She is someone I think I'd like to hang out with." On a social note, the social moment in relationships or parenting are only as successful as your prosocial communication which is why SOLUTIONS-BASED COMMUNICATION is the most effective tool for positive results. SBC may give your partner hope during a difficult moment that you both will be able to move to a result that will give you both what you want/need.


Improving your social behavior can assuredly help you move up the corporate ladder, improve your marriage or parenting and in general, improve your well being. More...


We provide services to corporate businesses and individuals to enhance social skills success with SOLUTIONS-BASED COMMUNICATION.  Learn how to truly transform your brain and become better at your soft skills be it with your team, managing a company, with your partner, your children and friends. Understand how success is truly achieved with behavioral neuroscience, proven steps to generalize the new skills so that they become second nature.


Corporate Soft Skills

It's classic. You've got an employee who is brilliant but doesn't have the social skills to do the 'soft skills' part of his job. Your company has had consultants to teach emotional intelligence, enhanced team dynamics, public speaking and quality assurance but the behavior prevails. Why? Because our typical client has a different learning style and his brain does not respond to typical approaches to social behavior change. Let us explain how to be more successful with the coveted employee who needs a different kind of approach.

Social Cognitive Therapy

Social Cognitive Therapy is the critical intersection of Language, Metacognition and Behavior. 

The SOLUTIONS-BASED COMMUNICATION approach in tandem with the neuroscience behavioral techniques of how to form and sustain a new habit yield better outcomes at work, home, partnering, with friends, with  parenting and more.

Memory Vitality

The good news is you really can train your brain and in return change your working memory and behavior. However, it's work--but no different than going to a personal trainer. Your brain, like your biceps, is a muscle and it can be strengthened. We show you over the 12 week course how to build your social toolbox. It's not rocket science but it does take practice. If you follow the 6 week prescription and do the work, you will be off to a good start. Also learn about our 72 Hour Social Challenge. Let us show you how.

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